Emme KB, June 1st, AHS, 16
Green, Penguins, and Burritos
Take Risks
Kill Doubt
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these are my bestfriends. i met kimmie in 3rd, joana in 4th, and emme in 5th. we’ ve been inseparable since. that is, until highschool came. we grew distant. didn’ t see eachother often. but ya know what? i still consider the my bestfriends. <3 together, we’ re like the fantastic four. but cooler. LOL. we’ re like sisters, and we stick together. we’ ve had our downs, but we get past it, because we just can’ t stay mad at eachother. there are days, where we just hang out, and have sleepovers that happen out of no where. and july 27th, will probably be the last night, for a loooong time, we have to spend with all 4 of us together before emme leaves. but i just have to say, i’ ve been blessed with amazing friends, that will definitely last me a life time. <3 (‘:

DAWH!!! *tears* :’D

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    DAWH!!! *tears* :’D
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